Getting Past A Break-Up

Break Up

Coming from experience, I can definitely say BREAK-UPS SUCK!! It’s an overwhelming feeling of bleak hope for your future. That’s all normal. No one likes a disruption in their life, especially their love life. However, sulking is NOT the answer nor the solution. I have a plan that you can follow, that will guarantee you’re moving in the right direction.

Follow my steps below and you will at least feel better, followed by getting over your ex.

**Note: If you are planning on or wanting to get back with your ex, these steps will not work for you.

1. Find support – This means talk to your close friend(s) or family member(s) that won’t help you drown in your feelings, but help you see that you are a wonderful person and will stand by you until you’re over your ex. Sometimes people feel alone and think no one cares, it’s not true. You aren’t ever alone. If you lack in the friends and family department, there are always support groups as well. Some are available via social networking, just do your research.

2. Give yourself time to heal – Cry, cry, cry, and cry some more. Crying is healing, but don’t allow your healing process to be a crutch forever. Technically, as far as the brain is concerned, a broken heart is no different than a broken arm. We all know you’re arm isn’t broke forever. With that being said, feel the situation out, but avoid sulking.

3. Don’t beat up on yourself – Whether you were in charge of the breakup or not, or even if it were mutual, you have to allow yourself the freedom of letting go. It’s over with, it’s done. There is no point in revisiting the past, it only makes for a longer healing time frame.

4. Throw away the memories – I understand there’s significance behind what was. However, that’s just it, it’s the past now. Now is the time to toss pictures, CD’s, memorabilia etc. If there’s jewelry, you can always pawn it and buy something new or have it melted into a new piece. The point is that you can’t move past “the old” into the new, if you’re still clinging to “the old.”

5. Don’t contact your ex – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, DON’T contact your ex (unless children are involved). Don’t call their family, their friends, their job, don’t call ANYBODY asking about them. It is time to move on. They’re not yours and you’re not theirs.

You have free time now, use that to your advantage.  Go to the gym, start scrapbooking, or do something you always wanted to do. Don’t let a breakup stop you from moving on.

All this means is that there is more to life than living for someone else. This wasn’t a good fit for you. Remember these words, “I am better than my past, and a greater person in my future.”

Loving my DID’s,

Dree Bo



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