Do Unhappy Couples Stay In Competition With Other Couples?

"Kimye" is the hottest trending couple right now next to Jay and Bey. People want to know their every move. Since Jay-Z and Kanye work with each other often, and are friends, both Kim and Beyoncé are also going to be seeing a lot of each other.  Couples are almost always in competition with each other. Who loves each other … [Read more...]

Life’s Impact: Why Fathers Are Needed, Especially For Their Daughters

My story: I was recently in the car with my mom having one of our everyday conversations about whatever comes to mind. As we were driving, I felt overwhelmed with emotion about how much she has sacrificed for me from childhood to now.  The more I felt thankful for her the more it reminded me that my dad had barely done … [Read more...]

Black Women: Why So Many Remain Single

First, before we start the countdown (in no particular order) let's be clear, there are a lot of reasons why black women stay single; whether it's a choice or unbeknownst to them. However, the main reason at the end of the day is YOURSELF! If you're a black woman and you're single, I hate to be so blunt, but it's because … [Read more...]

The Switch Up: How To Have Better Sex

Most of the time, no matter how in love you were with your mate in the beginning, sex can become dull. Even if you have sex often, but it's the same position and place each time, hate to break it you, but that's dull too. Mix up your positions and routine. I'm going to share some positions that are easy, and wouldn't … [Read more...]

Important Relationship Questions: Part 1

I came across an interesting article on Lovendar that said there are relationship questions you should never avoid asking. The author, Elona writes, "You can't pursue, establish, build, grow or maintain a healthy loving and intimate relationship without asking relationship questions." I must agree with her. Too often we … [Read more...]

Getting Past A Break-Up

Coming from experience, I can definitely say BREAK-UPS SUCK!! It's an overwhelming feeling of bleak hope for your future. That's all normal. No one likes a disruption in their life, especially their love life. However, sulking is NOT the answer nor the solution. I have a plan that you can follow, that will guarantee you're … [Read more...]

Yes He Cheats, But He Loves Me!

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that feels totally boggled by the cheater that claims they love their mate. Believe it or not, in their hearts, they really do.  A cheater will decide that they love their mate, but their partner just doesn't fulfill all their needs. Most of the time they have secrets they would rather … [Read more...]

NEW BOOK: “It’s Hard To Fight Naked” By Niecy Nash + Brandy, Jill Scott And More Attend Book Release

Celebrity writers are doing it big this year! Actress Niecy Nash just released It's Hard To Fight Naked. Niecy dishes her best relationship advice to help women get the man, keep him, and be happy with him. Based on reviews I've read so far, she delivers her advice "straight up, with no chaser." I watched her reality … [Read more...]

Open Relationships: Keeping It Happy & Healthy?

I recently read a blog about open relationships (with the focus on marriages) being no big deal, and perhaps a healthy and happy option for some couples. Before I immediately dismissed the option, I put myself in the situation and thought, "Would I want an open relationship for myself?" Well, after careful consideration … [Read more...]

Carjacked On The First Date

Dating these days is hard enough. Trust me, I know. However, sometimes you luck up and meet a cool guy you want to get to know better and plan the first date. An outing of walking on the beach and talking goes well. The date ends with you sitting in the car talking before heading your separate ways and the unthinkable … [Read more...]