Do Unhappy Couples Stay In Competition With Other Couples?

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Jay-Z, Beyonce

“Kimye” is the hottest trending couple right now next to Jay and Bey. People want to know their every move. Since Jay-Z and Kanye work with each other often, and are friends, both Kim and Beyoncé are also going to be seeing a lot
of each other.  Couples are almost always in competition with each other. Who loves each other more? Whose kid behaves better? Which couple has more sex? Blah blah blah!

Have you ever felt like you were competing with your friends and their relationship? Is this the setup of friendships when you double date? For some, absolutely yes. For others, they don’t care who the couple is, they just want to have fun. I can’t stand the arguing couple. Every single time you go out with that unhappy pair, they find a way to squeeze vinegar on everyone’s mood. Go away!!

Here are a few couples to steer clear of:

1. Career Competition Couple – This couple will always try to one up you on whatever career you’re either currently in, or trying to pursue. Their boss is cooler, their lunch break is longer, their vacation time is better, and last but certainly NOT least, their pay is always through the roof!

2. Better Deal Finder Couple- This is usually where the wives go head up. “Oh, you paid $16 for that dress? I only paid $1 for the one I have on.” The guys however will try to say they found a better deal on more expensive items, like a house, car, or boat for instance.

3. We Are Winners, Not Losers Couple- This couple HAS to be the most annoying! They make absolutely everything a competition. We made it to the restaurant faster. We ate dinner faster. We had kids faster. We won paintball, laser tag, go-karts. You name it, they won it!!

4. We Can’t Keep Our Hands Off Each Other Couple- This pair has to go above and beyond to show their chemistry is skyrocketing. Their PDA is always at an all-time high. All the while you’re thinking, “get a room!”

5. Double Date, Double Hell Couple- This is the non-stop arguing couple. They argue over everything, the location, the food, the bill… They’re outright unhappy about everything. Satisfaction is not a dish they’re used to eating.

The best way to deal with another couple on a double date is by getting to know them behind closed doors first.  Every couple isn’t meant to hang out with another couple. Some are totally insecure about themselves and their relationship.

Getting to know them better as a unit will help you decide if this should be the couple that you frequent a night out on the town with. Good Luck!

Loving my DID’s,

Dree Bo



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