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TOYA CHANEL (Entertainment News)


Hello Beautiful People!!! I’m Toya and I’m the editor and creator  of 5 P!NK AVE.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a “know it all.”  I always wanted to be in the loop with just about anything going on (some people would call me “nosy”).  I wanted to have all the information and I wanted to be the first person you heard it from.  So I thought…. Why not start a blog?  I had this idea to start blogging about celebrity gossip almost 2 years ago, but kept putting it off. I wanted to bring my readers more than just entertainment news, so I gathered my closest girlfriends and decided we would do this together.  We are very passionate about every topic we have chosen to blog about and we’re so excited to be able to bring it all to you.

I love searching the Internet and learning about everything going on in our world.  We’ll try our best to keep you informed with everything you’ll need to know to keep you current.  I’m a wife and mom of two beautiful little girls so my life is very crazy.  Blogging is my release!! Enjoy!!


DREE BO (Relationships & Dating)


Hi my Damsels in distress. I’m Dree, knocking on 30’s door, hoping no one answers. I’m a push forward and through kind of woman. I’ve decided to write about relationships and dating because we’ve all been in one or watch one and its demise. My new job is to either get you through your break-ups or to avoid them all together. I appreciate every single one of you for following us ladies on our journeys and allowing us to virtually follow yours. Ask me any questions, and I’ll respond.

Loving My Damsels in Distress,

Dree Bo


SHIDA JOI (Society & Culture)


My name is Rashida! My friends call me Shi! One fine, cool black woman I be! Lol

I’m Rashida (Pink Shi), the youngest of the Pink Ave Sisters J

I hail from Detroit, MI and I’m a graduate of the illustrious Howard University.  I currently work in the financial industry. In my spare time I like wine, long walks on the beach … Just kidding! I just like to hang out with my friends and family and have a good time! I love reading, shopping, and staying involved at church.  O and I’m mommy to a beautiful Chihuahua-Pomeranian pooch named Sasha Malia.


CHANNIE (Everyday Living)


People are always so inquisitive so my first step into the light with 5 P!nk Ave will be to tell you…the readers, about me! I’m really not that exciting. As a matter of fact as I write this entry I’m watching the History channel (it’s muted and has closed caption on) and I’m listening to Donald Lawrence’s The Best is yet to come. How fitting right?! Well…my name is Channie (pronounced Shawnie) and I’ll be the blogger for the Everyday Living section of 5 P!nk Ave. If you’re on this site and reading this then you already know that a blog is all about opinions, experiences, thoughts, etc. I’m married and have two school aged children. I’ve been with my husband since I was 16 years old. I grew up in a single family home with my mom; just the two of us. I used to keep a journal and write it in at least once a day. When I look back and read them over, it takes me back and I often ask myself why I stopped writing. One of the biggest turn ons about being a part of 5 P!nk Ave is that I get to tell you what’s on my heart and mind and I hope that you will be open enough to do the same. I look forward to this new journey in my life…


JEN (Beauty & Fashion)


I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  My first love has always been fashion.  I studied Fashion Design and Merchandising at Eastern Michigan University and skin care at Euphoria and G Skin & Fashion Institute, both located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I have been featured in magazines such as Owner’s Illustrated, Hair Designer’s Magazine and My Indian Hair.  A wig was fashioned after my hairstyle called the Goddess, which was one of their best sellers.   Throughout my career, I have worked with celebrities such as Nick Cannon, Steve Harvey, Charlie Wilson, Jeezy, LL Cool J.   The list goes on and on.

I’ve worked closely with featured designers such as the Ira Collections and INK Jeans to name a few.  I also did promos for the well-known Kronk Boxing Enterprise and the boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and basketball star Lebron James, as well as the top cognac company “Hennessey”.  I have also modeled designer’s collections down the runway.

After marriage and giving birth to my son, I went into semi-retirement from modeling.  But I still make intermittent appearances at fashion shows and conventions.  That was when I decided to concentrate on beauty and skin care.

In 2012, I contributed to spectacular fashion events such as the Steve Harvey “Hoodie Awards” and participated in product demos for Barrett Jackson Auto Auction in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I look forward to sharing all my fashion and beauty expertise with you on 5 P!NK AVE.


  1. Awww, Im so proud of y’all!!! Ive always wanted to read a few blogs in particular but I never have follow thru to read everything posted. Then I get behind and say forget it and blah blah blah!
    Im certainly looking fwd to following yall…lets hope that works out well for me! As for y’all, I know 5P!NKAVE is gonna work out just fine! 🙂
    Good luck and congratulations ladies!

  2. I love the blog and congrats to my cousin, Shida! Proud of you!

  3. Awesome site ladies!! I look forward to getting my “daily dose” from you guys! I am so proud and happy for you all and the effort put into this site… Looks amazing! I have never really been into reading blogs but I am already getting hooked on 5pinkave and I look forward to joining the book club! Congrats again!

  4. Congrats Ladies! Looking forward to all the site has to offer 🙂

  5. Congrats Ladies!!!!

  6. Hello Ladies,

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your entries. It seems like you have a lot to offer; what a great variety of fields to cover.


  7. princesskitana79 says:

    Great Blog! Very Informative!

  8. So it is literally 1:00 in the morning…this is my first time checking out 5pinkave…it is well beyond what I expected …meaning in a good way…..im very impressed…its fresh….professional…..super exciting …i love it….keep up good work…ooooh I’m a sister to one of the the ladies…..but its a secret…lol…love you drea

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