Mountain Dew Drops Lil’ Wayne Over Controversial Emmett Till Lyrics

Looks like Lil' Wayne's apology was just too little, too late. PepsiCo (Mountain Dew) has decided to part ways with Lil' Wayne over the controversial lyrics he rapped in the song "Karate Chop," where he used a vulgar sexual reference in comparison to slain civil rights figure Emmett Till.  The family of Emmett Till … [Read more...]

Emmett Till’s Family Wants Mountain Dew To Drop Lil’ Wayne

Y'all gon' learn today!!! It looks like the days of rappers spitting inappropriate lyrics with no consequences may be coming to an end.  I seriously doubt it, but after Rick Ross lost is endorsement deal with Reebok over his date rape lyrics in Rocko's song "U.O.E.N.O." I think some rappers may have had a wake up … [Read more...]

Rick Ross Finally Issues A Formal Apology

Well it's about time! Someone on Rick Ross' team must've finally talked some sense into him, or the loss of his endorsement deal with Reebok was a wake up call.  Either way, the rapper has finally issued a statement of apology and this time it's a real apology (not a weak apology where he blamed everyone for … [Read more...]


We're only one week away from Beyonce's highly anticipated Superbowl half-time performance.  With her being so busy rehearsing for the show, it seems that she's finally found time to respond to the lip-syncing allegations with just three simple words.  Last night, Beyonce posted a photo to Instagram of her wearing a shirt … [Read more...]