Yes He Cheats, But He Loves Me!

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that feels totally boggled by the cheater that claims they love their mate. Believe it or not, in their hearts, they really do.  A cheater will decide that they love their mate, but their partner just doesn't fulfill all their needs. Most of the time they have secrets they would rather … [Read more...]

Relationship Killers: How To Avoid Getting Dumped

Damsels, In the beginning of your relationship it mimics a fairy-tale, unfortunately the reality is you're about to be dumped by the guy you love. Well that is unless you avoid these plain, simple, and sweet relationship killers listed below: Friends and Family - If you're unable to get along with your partners … [Read more...]


Recently some of our readers have written me letters about different relationship topics, issues, and requests. I’m excited to share these letters anonymously with you, with their permission of course. Please read the letters with me. A response from me will appear after the letter. Please comment with your tasteful and … [Read more...]