Chris Brown Confirms Split With Rihanna

I just can't keep up with these two. Well it looks like our suspicions were correct.  Chris Brown has confirmed that him and Rihanna are no longer dating.  The rumors of a break-up started last weekend when Rihanna took some flirty photos with a boy that seemed to not sit too well with Chris Brown.  After the pictures … [Read more...]

Is Chris Brown’s “I Can’t Win” Dedicated To Rihanna?

Monday night (Apr. 29) Chris Brown tweeted a link for a new song he had just composed that wouldn't be on his album, but he put the song out just to get some things off his chest.  He tweeted, "Some s*** I felt like writing that's not on the album..."  The title of the track is "I Can't Win" and he sings: Tell me what … [Read more...]