NEW VIDEO: Chris Brown ft. Aaliyah – “They Don’t Know”

Chris Brown They Don't Know

Yesterday, Chris Brown released the second music video from his upcoming album, X.  The new single “They Don’t Know” features the late, great, R&B singer Aaliyah.  Chris uses Aaliyah’s vocals on the track to deliver a message of gun violence.  The video is a part of Chris’ new “Unity Campaign” which encourages love and not war.

In the video, which was shot in Compton, Chris takes a page from the movie Boyz N The Hood as he attempts to unite rival gangs and keep the peace.  Chris also uses a projection of Aaliyah’s “Try Again” video and dances along with her.  The songs chorus samples the old school R&B hit “Don’t Listen To What People Say” by Jon B.

At the beginning of the video, Chris displays a serious message:

Every two hours in America today a child dies of a gunshot wound. Unity is what we are afraid of so fear is insanity, lets love each other.” 

He also tweeted about the video saying, “The new single is apart of my “UNITY CAMPAIGN” which encourages all races, genders, sexes, (everyone) gay or straight to love each other!”

Check out the video below:


Sidenote: How cool is it to here Aaliyah’s voice on a new track?  Check out some amazing single artwork created by fans below:


They Don't Know1

They Don't Know2

They Don't Know3



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