Lil’ Wayne Discusses Seizures, Retirement & Adrienne Bosh With Jimmy Kimmel

Lil Wayne Jimmy Kimmel

Lil’ Wayne made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday night.  Wayne was there to promote his new album, I Am Not A Human Being II, but also opened up about his recent medical scare with multiple seizures and his plans on retiring to spend time with his children.

He also talked about the Miami Heat rant during All-Star Weekend where he claimed that he slept with Chris Bosh’s wife, Adrienne and whether or not he was actually banned from Heat games.  He doesn’t actually say no about sleeping with Adrienne Bosh, but he does act like he didn’t remember making the remarks.

Even though Wayne was touching on some serious issues, Jimmy Kimmel didn’t miss the opportunity to make light of the situation with a few jokes. Like claiming that he was at Lil’ Wayne’s side the entire time he was in the hospital and when Lil’ Wayne mentions his daughter’s new book but doesn’t know the name of it… Jimmy hopped all over that.

Read the highlights below:

On his last seizure:

I had a few seizures. The one that was very serious was the one that everyone was worrying about. And that one was serious because the house I was in is an upstairs and downstairs. I was upstairs and my homies were downstairs and they didn’t even know I was up there seizing. One of them was like, ‘He hasn’t come down in a minute and then they came up.’

It is a [medical condition] that I’ve been dealing with for my whole life. We’re so use to it happening, so my doctors prepped all my homies and now they know.

On being banned from Miami Heat games:

I didn’t get banned because they told me I’m allowed back whenever I want. I don’t think they want me there so I’m not going to make it hard on either of us.

On claiming he slept with Chris Bosh’s wife, Adrienne:

I said that????? […] I was too turnt up that night. I was a little too turnt up.

On if he’s going to retire soon:

Yes I am. it’s very true. I want to retire after The Carter 5, which I hope will be my last album. My next album isn’t The Carter 5 […] but after The Carter 5, I hope I can retire.

On what he’ll do when retired:

Spend quality time with my kids.


Watch the funny interview below:





Spotted @ Necole Bitchie



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