The Switch Up: How To Have Better Sex

Black couple in bed

Most of the time, no matter how in love you were with your mate in the beginning, sex can become dull. Even if you have sex often, but it’s the same position and place each time, hate to break it you, but that’s dull too. Mix up your positions and routine.

I’m going to share some positions that are easy, and wouldn’t take much prompting of your partner to follow through. Marriage counselor, Pat Love says, “Trying new moves in bed causes your brain to release dopamine, the feel-good chemical that keeps you feeling hot for your partner.”

Everyone should be down for feeling “hot” for their partner.

Keep in mind these are standard positions with a “twist” that I read on Women’s Health Magazine. Enjoy what we will call, “The Switch Up.”  If you’re already doing these positions, Bravo!


Position 1

Standard Position: Missionary

Upgraded positions:

1. Clitty Cat
2. Knee Hugger
3. Leg Press



Position 2

Standard Position: Girl on Top

Upgrded positions:

1.Reverse Cowgirl
2. The Catcher
3. Easy Rider



Position 3

Standard Position: Doggie Style

Upgraded Positions:

1. Love Seat
2. Thigh Master
3. Downward Dog


Hopefully, the standard positions with a twist will add some flare to your already existing relationship. If one doesn’t work for you, try another. Trying many positions helps a woman reach the “Big O”, so no harm done there. Good luck!!

Loving my DID’s,

Dree Bo



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