RESTAURANT REVIEW: The London Chop House


If you’re looking for a great meal, live entertainment and a quaint setting, London Chop House in downtown Detroit is a great place to visit. It’s awesome for a date night which is how I enjoyed my evening there.

It was my first visit to London Chop House but definitely not my last. I thoroughly enjoyed the live music which included the cello, piano and the lovely crisp voice that sang to the tune of different genres such as jazz and blues.

Little did I know prior to going, but the London Chop house just reopened it’s doors last year after being closed for 20 years. As reported by WXYZ Detroit new, it truly does bring technology and glamor back to the city.

The London Chop House has a cigar lounge, a bar, live entertainment (as mentioned) and great food. The ambience it offers is both relaxing and romantic. Plan ahead and be prepared to step it up a notch as far as attire is concerned. Guys should be casual and ladies you can throw on some heels.

It’s not a cheap meal, but you are not rakes over the coal either. Check out the London Chop House today. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

155 W Congress

Detroit, MI



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