NEW MUSIC: Wale ft. Rihanna – “Bad” (Remix) + Tiara Thomas – “Bad” (Full Solo Version)

Wale Bad Remix

The purpose of the remix is to make a hot song, hotter.  Wale has definitely used this formula and has taken his single “Bad,” which was already a hit, and added the baddest girl in the game. Rihanna!

Wale teased us all with a preview of the new remix over the weekend and had Rihanna’s fans highly anticipated its release.  Well, it’s finally here.  Coincidentally, Wale dropped this remix just a few days after Tiara Thomas’ full solo version of the song finally surfaced as a result of her signing a new deal with Interscope Records.  The song originally belongs to Tiara.

On the new remix with Rihanna, we hear Rihanna actually spitting a few lines on the track.  She sings the original chorus but adds lines like, “bad girls want a real n****.”  Wale spits new versus and even adds a special touch for Rihanna when he raps, “all the bad girls end up unapologetic.”  And yes, the bed squeaking in the background is still there.

Overall, I think the remix is hot.  I think the original is still hot too and I like Tiara’s solo version.  It’s just an all around hit, no matter who’s singing it I guess.

Listen to the remix with Rihanna and Tiara Thomas’ solo version below:




So which version do you like best?



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