Kelly Rowland Gets Emotional Performing “Dirty Laundry”

Kelly Rowland

Last night, Kelly Rowland took the stage for a show in Silver Spring, MD and performed new tracks from her upcoming album, Talk A Good Game.

When is was time to perform her new, revealing, and emotional track “Dirty Laundry,” Kelly took a seat to get personal with her audience for the song.  She made it through most of the song before breaking down into tears during the last verse in which she sings:

Started to call them people on him, I was battered. He hit the window like it was me until it shattered. He pulled me out and said “Don’t nobody love you but me not yo mama, not your daddy and especially not Bey” He turned me against my sister, I missed ya.”

Once fans began to scream and chant for her to continue with the song, Kelly pulled it together and was able to wipe her tears away and finish performing the track.

Check out the emotional performance below:




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