Behind Closed Doors

Closed Doors

Have you ever said something behind closed doors that you know you would never say in public? Of course you have! Maybe you said something that you know would end a friendship if it were said in front of the wrong person? Well, what about a racial slur? How many of us have uttered an offensive term or statement about a race other than our own?

Well… I was at a friend’s house and I was giving myself a break from the crowd and stepped into another room. Apparently, it wasn’t known by all of the white people that the black girl was just a room away when I heard one of them refer to another black person as nigger.

You know how it goes when you say something that you shouldn’t have said and someone quietly calls you on it? Well, the room fell silent and within a matter of seconds my friend standing beside me asked if I was okay? I know she wasn’t really concerned about that, she was trying to gauge whether or not I heard what was said.

So anyway, I told her I was fine. At first I wasn’t sure how to feel. I know she’s not racist. And while I feel like I should have been offended, I wasn’t. I don’t like the word, but I didn’t feel any different about the word when I heard one of them say it as I do when I hear a black person call another black person a n**** or however you want to try to re-brand that term.

People have taken terms that were once derogatory like the b**** and n**** and put a bow on something ugly to justify when it can and cannot be used.

We know racism is real and still alive no matter how many people dispute it. Nonetheless, I’m sure there are many white people who call black people the N word during rush hour traffic, or when upset or maybe just when referring to them amongst other whites.

My next door neighbor was in his backyard using the N word and when he sees my husband he simply said “sorry neighbor,” and carried on in his conversation. I’m just as sure there are other races that make statements about Latinos, Asians, Arabs and on and on.

I know black people who’ve made statements or used words white people may consider to be offensive. Does that make them racist? What kinds of things are you saying behind closed doors that you wouldn’t say in public for fear of being pegged a racist?




  1. says:

    Good thing I wasn’t with you, because it would have been a whole different outcome!

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