To Our Mothers… Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day

How can I sum up all my mother means to me in one paragraph? I can’t!  I would need to write a book (maybe I will one day).  For the longest it was just me and my mom.  We were a team and took on the world together.  We raised each other. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her, I owe it all to her.

The one thing my mother has always said to me that has stuck with me my whole life is, “reach for the stars and you might land on a cloud.”  I’ve already started saying this to my daughters and I know it will have the same power over them that it did on me.  My mom is not only the best mom in the world, but now she’s the best grandmother in the universe and also my best friend. I love you more than you know Connie.

Toya & Connie-Toya Chanel




My mom, R.B., means the absolute world to me. I can’t even use this paragraph to express my infinite gratitude to her. My dad was in my life until my parents divorced.  Once my dad left, she NEVER skipped a beat. She instilled in me the skills to become a God-fearing, strong, kind-hearted, humble, and loving human being.

The greatest gift of all was her being one of the absolute greatest Mom’s that has walked the earth. She has taught me that I can get through any and all struggles. I have and I always will. I don’t say Happy Mother’s Day to R.B. I say Happy Mother’s Day(s). You’ve never taken a day off and I love you to infinity and beyond. Xoxo

Drea & RB-Dree Bo




When they made the word “class,” they made it for you. The strongest, smartest, and most beautiful person in this world. You not only taught me to be strong but to never let them see you sweat.  To always walk away with nice smile.

Elegant, yet fun and the life of the party. I admire everything you are and appreciate all that you do. I know don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for your wisdom and love. I love you MALINDA!

Jen & Malinda1

Jen & Malinda2-Jen (Beauty Goddess)




I’d be lying if I sat here and told you I had a carefree childhood with two loving parents under the same roof that were happily married. Like so many others, I grew up in a single parent home and was raised by my mother. My mother struggled with drugs and alcohol the majority of my life, so growing up things were “different” for me than they were for my friends. I didn’t have the newest Jodeci boots, the cross colors outfits, Damage or any other name brand clothing or shoes. You would think that not having these things I would feel as though something was lacking, but one thing my mother always did was give me unconditional love.

My mother always made me feel so special that none of that mattered. The love that radiated from her and still does to this day is truly a gift from God. My mother has taught me so much just through her actions that words have never really been necessary. She has a heart like no one I have ever known and has the ability to make anyone around her feel like they can be themselves. What she has taught me is that love never falters or fails and can shine bright in even the darkest moments in our lives.

Thank you going through the things you’ve gone through so I don’t have to. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for your understanding. Thank you for your kind words as well as the harsh ones. Thank you for the spankings and all the kisses and hugs that eventually followed. Thank you for your sense of humor. Thank you for your strength! Thank for being you. Happy Mother’s Day! I LOVE YOU JANET!

Channie & Janet-Channie

How do you even begin to try to describe how you feel about your mother? Before I knew who God was, I knew Barb. My mother is everything to me. I’m an only child and she’s a single parent so it was always us against the world. She’s literally my best friend, confidant, supporter, and advisor.  I’m so used to our daily phone calls that if I don’t hear from her by 5, it’s like “Houston, we have a problem.”

Her love for me has never waivered and she has been there when no one else could be found. I know my mother loves me, prays for me, and has bigger dreams for me than I could ever have for myself. For the 28 years (and 9 months) I’ve had to spend with her, I will forever be grateful to God for blessing me with her.

Shida & Barb-Shida Joi


  1. Shida Joi says:

    I just cried REAL TEAR reading this!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love it

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