Is Chris Brown’s “I Can’t Win” Dedicated To Rihanna?

Chris Brown

Monday night (Apr. 29) Chris Brown tweeted a link for a new song he had just composed that wouldn’t be on his album, but he put the song out just to get some things off his chest.  He tweeted, “Some s*** I felt like writing that’s not on the album…” 

The title of the track is “I Can’t Win” and he sings:

Tell me what did I do
To make you hate me so much
Why you angry all the time?
Why don’t you wanna ride for me?
Girl, we used to make love
When you called, I would follow
Now the only thing you love is a bottle
The only thing you got left is a shadow
Don’t let this s*** come between us
I’m wrong you’re right, its okay with my heart
But its not how its supposed to be
You always say I’m done and finished
F*** it, I’m wrong you’re right
Please God help us
I guess I’m gonna leave it up to you tonight

Dont even matter if you screamin’ yeah
Girl you don’t love me, you don’t love yourself
But it dont matter if you raising hell
I miss you, I wanna kiss you yeah
I can’t remember who you are babe
Remember when your heart used to say
Love me babe, love me babe
I know them b****** got in your way but,
Don’t let this s**** come between us
I’m wrong you’re right, its okay with my heart
But it’s not how it’s supposed to be

Coincidentally, Chris Brown dropped the song after Rihanna had a very interesting weekend.  So let’s backtrack a little…

The first incident occurred when Chris Brown unfollowed Rihanna on Twitter just after she started following Drake on Instagram.  Now we all know Drake and Chris Brown have been at odds for awhile now and Rihanna is the root of the problem.

That wasn’t all.  While Rihanna was in New Jersey for her Diamonds World Tour, she attended an after party where she took some photos with a guy (who was probably just a fan) and sent social media ablaze.

The two seemed very chummy in the photos and I’m sure it didn’t help that the mystery man took to Twitter and posted the photos with the caption, “Me and my wife @Rihanna out here tonight.”  Followed by, “Me and @Rihanna and you ain’t even know it!”  Check out the photos below:

Rihanna and mystery man

Rihanna and mystery man2

Rihanna and mystery man3

Mystery man tweet Mystery man tweet2

Rihanna’s obviously just having a little innocent fun, but Chris Brown doesn’t seem to be feeling it.  It looks like the roles are reversed in their relationship.  Now that Chris Brown is focused on repairing his image and being the good guy, Rihanna’s at the point where she really doesn’t care about her image and is definitely living the life of a bad girl.

I really wish these two would get it together.  I’m starting to believe that they may need to just take some time apart and focus on their careers.  They’re too young for all this drama!

Take a listen to Chris Brown pouring out his emotions in “I Can’t Win” below:

Sidenote: Chris Brown used this as an opportunity to announce his album X will be released July 16th.

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