Finding Mr. Right On A Dating Website

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Dear Damsels,

It’s time to start dating more than you have in the past. Time to look for more, and suprisingly I want you to look online. Like any other type of dating, you must be cautious of the type of people you seek out. Look for guys that you truly wouldn’t mind dating.

For example, don’t date a guy with kids, if you sincerely don’t want to date a guy with children. Below I’ve listed helpful hints and websites to help improve your online dating experience:

1. Find out your purpose of dating. Do you want to date for fun or do you want a serious relationship?

2. Be honest with yourself. Don’t readily open yourself up to dating just anybody. Set up your profile to date the kind of guy that you could eventually have a relationship with.

3. Just because a lot of people lie on their profiles, keep yours short and to the point. If you tell them everything they need to know in your profile, there wouldn’t be a need to get to know you.

4. Avoid sharing all the information you find out about a guy with your friends and family. Of course, for safety purposes you want them to know the name, profile name, and possible first date location. Keep the rest to yourself unless you need someone’s opinion on whether or not you should date him.

5. An umbrella of safety tips:

  • Drive yourself to your first date.
  • Call someone once you arrive.
  • Take enough money to buy your
    own food, dessert, and drink, just
    in case.
  • Keep your cell phone charged.
  • Take a different route home.

Most of all, I would like you to have fun, relax, and be yourself. If this is not the person you want to continue to date, jump right back on your computer and continue on to your next option. I’ve compiled a list of dating sites, some are for entertainment, and some are serious dating sites. All the sites are either free of charge, partially free, or have an upfront costs.

Dating Websites

“Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince.”

Good Luck!!

Loving my DID’s,

Dree Bo



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