FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Is There A Double Standard In Sports?

Britney Griner

Just recently, Brittany Griner openly came out as a gay woman in sports. Although I have to admit, I thought that she was pretty much already out, she just didn’t feel the need to announce it to the world. One thing’s for sure, it doesn’t make her any less of a dominant player in the sport of basketball.

Still the No. 1 draft pick for the WNBA, Griner decided to basically let people know it’s okay to be yourself. While it was no big deal that Griner came out, people were more shocked that it didn’t shock the world. No one blinked an eye about it. There have been recent reports that there’s a double standard in sports because there hasn’t been any men that have come out as gay in any major American sports.

We all know if a guy came out and was a member of an NFL team, it was cause an uproar and social media will be on fire. A gay man in the locker room of such a “brawny” atmosphere? No way!

I have noticed that there are a lot more people coming out now versus back in the day.  Someone coined “in-the-closet” or “coming out” for a reason. For some reason, we have to be reminded to accept people for who they are. Humans need to have people act the same as them, or they’re just not acceptable in certain people’s eyes.

I agree that there are double standards in sports and being gay. I have also noticed many girls that are playing high school basketball are no longer “tomboys,” but gay. There used to be a time where people would never discuss being gay or for that matter ever admit to it. Now in this day and time, they’re okay with being open and admitting their sexuality.

Just because a girl plays a predominantly male sport well, does not make her gay. If she decides to announce to everyone that she is gay, and isn’t any less of a player at the game, that’s her business and her decision.

While I have no problem with Brittany Griner deciding to tell everyone she is gay, I also feel like she didn’t have to make that announcement. People will believe what they want to believe and say what they want to say. Who you’re with sexually, and intimately is up to you.  At the end of the day, we have to remember, there is only one judge. Who really cares what others think?

So why is it okay for a female athlete to come out, but not a male athlete?  Why is there a double standard?


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