Big Sean Discusses New Album, Breaking Up With His High School Sweetheart, And New Girlfriend Naya Rivera

Big Sean

Just last week Big Sean released his latest single “Switch Up,” and he’s gearing up to release his sophomore album Hall of Fame which will be out this summer.  So the Detroit rapper recently sat down for an interview with The Urban Informer from Washington DC’s 93.9 WKYS to discuss all the things he has going on.

In the interview he discusses everything from a possible collaboration with fellow Detroiter Eminem and working with his G.O.O.D. Music label mate Commom, to breaking up with his high school sweetheart and his new relationship with Glee star Naya Rivera.

Check out the highlights below:

On Hall of Fame:

“We took our time with it. Got it just right. Some real big a** songs on there, great music man. We toured around the world and been around and just incorporated all those experiences of losing certain people and meeting new people and just going through different situations. It’s been real fun. This album will be one to remember.”

On a collaboration with Eminem:

” I can’t confirm it. He may be on there. I’m sure you’ll get a Eminem, Big Sean collab whether it’s on Hall Of Fame or not.”

On working with Common:

“Switch Up is super fresh. It’s just a song me and Common did. I just put it out for the fans. I hadn’t released in music in awhile, and they just needed some fresh energy…. I put it out for the people who believe in me… It’s a fun energetic song.”

On coming out with Naya Rivera at the 42 movie premiere:

“Naya, I been dating her for a little while, and I guess that event was one of the first big events that came up while I was dating her.  We were like, ‘Yo let’s go to it’ because we both wanted to go.  I’m kinda a private person and she’s a private person. “

On breaking up with his ex-girlfriend:

“I had a girlfriend too before that who I was with since I was like…. I always been in a relationship since I was 18 or 19 when I got with her.  Things didn’t work out and not because of this music stuff.  But sometimes when you’re with somebody and you’re 18 and you grow up, and it’s long distance because she lived in New York and I lived in L.A…..You grow apart as people.  It’s nothing more and nothing less. It’s not like I’ve changed.  It’s not like that at all. We just really had our differences and it just clearly didn’t work out.  It may work out later, it may come back too.  Who knows?”

Hmmm! It sounds like he’s open to reconciling with his ex-girlfriend.  Anyway, I really hope he can get Eminem on his next album.  That would be a great collabo and their fans in The D would love it!

Check out the full interview below:



Source: The Jasmine Brand


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