Ray J Says Brandy Is Upset With “I Hit It First” Lyrics (Video)

Ray J

Well duh!!

Who didn’t see this one coming?  Of course, Brandy is upset.  I would be too!  It’s no surprise that after hearing the lyrics of Ray J’s song “I Hit It First,” a not so subliminal diss record about Kanye and Kim K., Brandy would feel the need to have a talk with her little brother.

Ray J recently did an interview with Karen Civil and discussed all the controversy surrounding the new record.  He chats with her about Brandy not liking what he did and how he hasn’t talked to her yet out of fear of what she’ll say to him.  He also mentions that there’s a video coming out for the track, and he even says the song isn’t about Kim Kardashian.  Yeah okay!!

Read a few highlights and watch the video below:

On Brandy being upset:

“I gotta be honest with you, Brandy’s a bit upset. I haven’t talked to her because I know what type of lecture I’m going to get. Brandy is a whole different type of person. She lives in a different kind of world. I’m way more turnt up, my lifestyle is way more on the edge. For her, a lot of things I do, she might not understand but I can say she has my back. She is a little bit concerned and worried about the journey. But in every campaign I do, at the end of it, it always comes out with a positive message. It’s a beginning of a story that we are telling, there’s a middle and there’s a finale, so everyone has to stay tuned, including her.”

On putting out a music video:

“The video is coming next week. I can’t compare it to an SNL skit, I can’t compare it to a spoof but we are having fun about my life. It’s so light. Of course the video is going to have those elements because we are having fun and people know what the concept about but we are kind of taking a spoof on my life.”


Sidenote: Brandy and Kim Kardashian are co-stars in Tyler Perry’s new movie Temptation: Confessions of A Marriage Counselor.


Source: Karen Civil


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