Relationship Killers: How To Avoid Getting Dumped

Man and Woman Arguing


In the beginning of your relationship it mimics a fairy-tale, unfortunately the reality is you’re about to be dumped by the guy you love. Well that is unless you avoid these plain, simple, and sweet relationship killers listed below:

Friends and Family – If you’re unable to get along with your partners family, eventually it can take a toll on your relationship. Now if the tables are turned, and his family is unable to get along with you, you have to have a sit-down with your partner to discuss the issues at hand.

Stress of Life – It’s quite easy to discern a “stress of life.” Some common examples are: money problems, children from previous relationships, too much time spent at work.

Persistent Outside Interruption – This is someone that’s always trying to start a relationship with you, knowing that you are already in another. Soon this person could make your relationship feel like you’re actually dating them. Cut all ties with this individual.

Annoying Habits – Maybe in the beginning annoying habits are overlooked because you’re more focused on starting the relationship. Anytime annoying habits become overkill, it can definitely ruin your relationship. Examples: (snoring, nail-biting, being a perfectionist, etc…)

Getting Too Comfortable – Becoming more like friends than lovers. Intimacy becomes routine and eventually stops all together. Of course you want to be friends with your mate, as well as comfortable. Yet, being so comfortable that there is no longer a level of sexual attraction can become problematic.

Different Goals – Lack of communication, careers becoming more important, chasing separate goals are all problems in a relationship and will lead to exposing that your goals are not the same. Therefore, you’re no longer parallel with each other and will notice more problems exist.

The Past – This is the worst!! Comparing new relationships to the past. No one wants to hear about your ex(es). No one cares about your ex(es). No one wants to meet your ex(es). Either you still care about your ex(es) and should be with them, or you don’t care about your ex(es) and should leave them right where you left them; in the past.

Moving Too Fast – Rushing into commitment before you’re actually ready can and will be a game change for your relationship. For example, it’s very rare to get to know someone within six months and expect that you are absolutely positive that you want to spend your life with this person. Take time to get to know someone, and also get to know yourself with that person. Being in a relationship changes personal emotions as well.

Independence/Dependence – Dependence and independence can be tricky. You have to find balance between needing someone and not needing someone. You don’t want every single thing you need to be dependent upon your mate. Also, not needing your mate for absolutely nothing is also a problem. If you never need to depend on them, why are you dating them?

Cheating – I saved this one for last, but it’s definitely not any less from the others. It is a given that cheating is one of the most frequent relationship killers. For some reason people like to put a spin on what cheating is. Cheating is lying, betraying, or deceiving your mate. Kissing, touching, talking, sexting, intercourse, etc…

The good news is that the majority of these problems have solutions. The key to getting through these relationship killers are to carefully evaluate your mate prior to committing to a relationship. You can and will have a successful relationship! Good luck!!

Loving My DID’s,

Dree Bo




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