Is It Over Between Chris Brown & Rihanna?

Rihanna, Chris Brown

While Rihanna continues on her Diamonds World Tour, Chris Brown has been doing a lot of press interviews to promote his new single “Fine China,” and is upcoming album titled X.  During his recent interviews, Chris Brown has said over and over again that the relationship between him and Rihanna is great and they are still together.

However, according to E! News, the two have split and it’s officially over.  They reported that an exclusive source has confirmed that Chris Brown and Rihanna have taken a break from each other.  See below:

A source exclusive to E! News has confirmed the couple’s split after a tireless frenzy of are-they-or-aren’t-they tail-chasing. Per the insider, RiRi will always love Chris but has moved on and is re-shifting her focus to her career and business ventures.

Currently running the final legs of her international Diamonds tour while spending solo time with her “mini tour family” and conceptualizing new creative ideas for future shows, the superstar is also working toward launching a new perfume and continuing with her ongoing fashion campaigns.

This makes sense seeing how just yesterday photos of Chris Brown partying and getting close with a mysterious blonde-haired woman made their way to the Internet.  Even though it probably was innocent, he had to know it would be put under a microscope.

Rihanna, however, was on the west coast taking in a Los Angeles Clippers game, sitting courtside with her manager around the same time.

If they have indeed split, maybe it’s for the best.  They’re young and very successful, and it wouldn’t be a bad thing for them to focus on their careers and themselves for awhile, but I don’t think this is the end of Chrianna!

Check out more pics below:



Chris Brown





Source: E! News



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