Georgia High School Will Host First Integrated Prom

Integrated Prom

I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard this story! Wilcox County High School in Georgia will be hosting their first integrated prom this year. Isn’t it 2013??? Until now, parents had been organizing separate proms for the white and blacks students. Several students expressed their desire for one prom and they had to raise their own money to do it.

Friday, the students posted on their Facebook page that the fundraising goal had been reached:

Through your generosity, we are happy and overjoyed to say that we have met our goal for our Prom. If you would like to continue donating, the monies will be used for scholarships for the students who have worked tirelessly for this Prom since its inception, as well as, for the future generation of leaders.

The world is saying that we are such an inspiration but to us you are the REAL INSPIRATION. You have confirmed our belief in the human spirit and that LOVE is a universal language, because GOD is love. We believe that, that LOVE is why you reached out to us with open hearts.

I’m so proud of those students!! They showed that history does not have to repeat itself. They decided they wanted things to be different and they worked hard to make that happen.

This reminded me of the documentary I saw called “Prom Night In Mississippi”. It followed actor Morgan Freeman back to his hometown of Charleston, Mississippi where he had been offering for years to fund the first integrated prom for the high school students. Watch the trailer below:



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