“RHOA” Season 5 Reunion Part 1 Recap

RHOA Reunion

Part one of the “RHOA” reunion aired last night and the entire show seemed to focus on Kenya Moore.  Andy Cohen chatted with the other ladies briefly, but the bulk of the show was about Kenya Moore and her feuds with Porsha Stewart and Phaedra Parks.

Kenya believes that she made Porsha and Phaedra relevant this season on the show.  Not to give her the big head, but since Kenya joined the show this season the ratings are the highest they’ve ever been in the five years the show has been on.

If you recall, the drama with Kenya and Porsha started when Porsha invited Kenya to a charity event and when introducing her, Porsha made the mistake of calling her Miss America and not Miss USA.  Kenya thought she did it intentionally to be spiteful and ever since their relationship was tarnished.

However, Porsha admitted that it was a honest mistake and she believed Kenya disliked her from the first time they met because Kenya was jealous of her being married.  Porsha said, “she was jealous the moment she met me.”  Kenya’s response to that was she wasn’t jealous of her marriage but was expecting to meet an Atlanta socialite, but instead she perceived Porsha as more of a “unsophisticated cheerleader.”

In regards to Kenya being jealous of Porsha and Kordell’s marriage, Kenya said: “That’s not a marriage I’d ever want to have.”   She then took a shot at Porsha and Sheree in one blow by saying, “If Kordell married her to be a trophy, she’ll be dumped at 40 like Sheree.”  Kenya must be a psychic.

Andy Cohen then brought up Kenya asking Porsha to come as Halle Berry from B.A.P.S. to her party honoring black women in film.  Porsha believed that she picked that character for her to be shady, but Kenya denies that was the reason.  So when Porsha showed up as Halle Berry from Introducing Dorothy Dandridge, Kenya had security remove her from the party.

Kenya did admit that she overreacted and shouldn’t have put her out of the party and she did apologize.  Andy asked Cynthia if she thought Kenya was throwing shade by asking Porsha to come as Halle Berry from B.A.P.S. and Cynthia did think she threw a little shade.

Then the focus of the show moved onto Kenya’s feud with Phaedra.  They went back and forth about who’s workout DVD was better and which video was selling more.  Kenya still believes she didn’t copy Phaedra’s idea and Phaedra still thinks Kenya’s production deal was garbage.

Kenya addressed her reason for coming to Nene’s charity event dressed as Phaedra in her famous cover up with the addition of butt pads.  She says the reason she did it was because Phaedra attacked her character by calling her bipolar and saying she had drinking issues.

After the two ladies went back and forth exchanging words with each other like, “hater,” “silicone Barbie,” and “liar,” it almost ended in a fight.  Kenya ended the show by telling Phaedra, “you will be picking your teeth off the floor, pregnant and all.”  I guess they didn’t get anything resolved.

As I stated earlier, there was a little talk with the other ladies.  Here’s what else happened:

-They discussed Cynthia being more confident and outspoken this season.  She confessed that she’s more comfortable on the show now, but she now gets complaints that she’s too opinionated.

-Kenya admitted that it was white people who mistook her for Beyonce’ at the inauguration, but the whole thing was really a joke.  She also believes that Beyonce’ is Team Kenya after Beyonce’ used Kenya’s phrase “gone with the wind fabulous” after her Superbowl performance.  Kenya was also disappointed that only NeNe and Cynthia reached out to her after her cancer scare episode aired.

-Kandi talked about NeNe always throwing shade at her, but NeNe said it was all in fun and told Kandi, “If you can dish it out, you can take it.”  Kandi also mentioned her lawsuit she had just filed against Kim Zolciak, with Phaedra as her attorney.  She doesn’t want Kim to continue benefiting from the song “Tardy for the Party,” that Kandi wrote and produced for her free of charge.  Also, Kandi and Todd have set a wedding date but she wouldn’t reveal it.

-Phaedra revealed that she was almost eight months pregnant and that she does know her due date.  She also discussed having a talk with Apollo about him and Kenya flirting in Anguilla.

Whew!  That was a lot… I can’t wait for Part II!


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