Judith Hill The Voice

Last night was the season four premiere of The Voice, and our first look at new judges Usher and Shakira in action.  The show was full of emotional stories from some of the contestants as they talked about their lives and their journey to make it on the show.  Last night’s premiere was also full of amazing talent.  Especially, the final performance of the night from Judith Hill.

Judith Hill is definitely going to be the one to beat.  Before auditioning on The Voice, she was selected to be a back-up singer for Michael Jackson’s This Is It Tour.  She was on her way to rehearsal when she learned of Michael’s death.  Judith was asked to perform at the funeral and she did.  She sung Michael’s hit “Heal the World.”

After being seen on national television singing at Michael Jackson’s memorial service, her phone didn’t stop ringing.  Offers were coming in from everywhere, and everyone wanted her.  Judith didn’t pursue any options at that time because she felt it would be in bad taste to come up from Michael’s death.  So she waited until the time was right.

She was the last performance of the night and slayed Christina Aguilera’s song “What A Girl Wants,” and put her own soulful spin on it.  In my opinion, she sang it better than Christina.  Adam and Usher turned their chairs before she could finish the first note.  By the end of her amazing performance she had all the judges on their feet and ready to battle it out for her.

Judith ended up picking Adam’s team, and I was so sure she would go with Usher, but she didn’t.  There’s no doubt in my mind that Adam can win again with her on his team.  She’s just that good!  Check out her audition below and see for yourself:



So what do you think? Is she the one to beat?

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