Mama's Boy

Mama’s boys get a bad rep when it comes to dating. Dating a mama’s boy is tricky! Although you want a guy that has the utmost respect for his mom, you also want a guy that respects you as well.

Sometimes it’s hard for a mama’s boy to make you a top priority because he believes that would mean his mom isn’t as important. All of a sudden when it’s time for both of you to go on a date, mom just so happens to needs something around the house repaired. Now you’re so late for your date, you don’t even want to go out anymore. Everything’s planned and it’s time for you two to go out of town, and now mom needs a ride to an important doctor’s appointment conveniently the same time you were scheduled to leave. And let’s not forget about the ex-girlfriend that she used to hate, but now loves, and decides to invite her to the family reunion.

The stories can go on and on. At some point you have to realize  that boundaries need to be set.

One thing a lot of women in a relationship with a mama’s boy fail to realize is that the problem is more than likely not his mom, it’s him. Of course, you blame his mom because it’s easier. As long as she’s to blame instead of him, it keeps down any conflicts in the relationship.

At first, this may seem to be a great idea. The reality of sweeping this under the wrong is that you’re creating more of a problem for yourself. You’re sending the message that this behavior is okay with you. Once you have allowed him to put everything in your relationship on the back burner for his mom, he will continue on this path.

Nothing is wrong with his mom being a priority in his life.  Usually when a guy is a mama’s boy, it could be the result of divorce, she’s a widow, the father has never been around, or has recently passed. This changes the role for him of just being her son, he now feels the need to be her caregiver.

So how does this all work? How will you two be able to find a balance between your relationship and his mom? Try these tips below for more help:

  1. Avoid complaining – Complaining only makes matters worse. If he wants to continue a relationship with you, he will be okay setting reasonable boundaries.
  2. Discuss with him that any errands or any other tasks she needs him to complete will need designated times. Unless an emergency arises of course. She will still have time to get things fixed around the house, as well as run errands.
  3. Avoid addressing her with him – Allow him to address his mom by himself about setting these boundaries. She’ll be least likely to abide with boundaries if you are there with him to discuss these things.
  4. Finally, if these things are set in place, and you’re still unable to find a happy medium. It may be time to discuss moving on in the relationship.

The last thing you want to do is miss out on a life of happiness over an issue that can easily be resolved. Before things get to far, and could possibly end your relationship try coming to an understanding.

For every problem, there’s a solution!

Loving my DID’s,

Dree Bo


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