Motown Musical

Monday (Mar. 11) was a big day for Berry Gordy. The 83-year-old founder of Motown Records previewed his new show, Motown: The Musical on Broadway at the Lunt-Fontanne Theater in New York. In an interview with the associated press, he said:

“Most likely it will be my last major endeavor in a creative way. Of course everyone disagrees with me when I say that statement. This is probably the epitome of everything I’ve done – that I’ve wanted to do.”

This show is all about the music. Initially the director Charles Randolph-Wright and Gordy had 100 songs in the musical. Of course that had to be cut down. I can only imagine how hard that was for them!! All Motown songs are legendary and hold a special part in Gordy’s heart. I mean Motown was his life!!! He created three new original songs for the production.

The musical is centered around Gordy’s life story. One of the songs he penned is about the pride he felt living in Detroit as a young boy during the era of boxer Joe Louis. I really think Berry Gordy has a hit on his hands. I hope the show is successful enough on Broadway that he decides to take the show on the road. I grew up in Motown and I love anything that brings a positive light to the city. Bravo Berry Gordy!

Visit the official website for show and ticket information.

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