Sister Souljah

This past weekend, Sister Souljah hosted a Book Talk on her Twitter page. She allowed her Twitter followers to ask her any questions about the four novels that she has published (Coldest Winter Ever, Midnight: A Gangster’s Love Story, Midnight & the Meaning of Love, A Deeper Love Inside: The Porsche Santiaga Story).

I love that Souljah did this. There is nothing like being able to have access to ask an artist that you love and ask questions about their craft. She was very open and had only one rule. She would not answer any questions about unreleased books. So no questions on what happens to Winter next! Look below for a few excerpts:

@b_dntkilmy_vibe: Hey @SouljahBooks what made you write about Porsche story?

@SouljahBooks: I chose to write Porsche’s story because I understand how difficult, cold, & complicated it is for children separated from their families. I wanted to tell the story from a child’s feelings, thoughts and perspectives INSTEAD of from the system’s point of view. I am from a family of sisters & each of us are very DIFFERENT from one another. Our experiences nmemories r so different- were raised 2gethr.

@Durags4eva: Will there be any other books in the future regarding to the Santiagas/Midnight?

@SouljahBooks: Yes, I am currently writing MIDNIGHT III and secretly writing another THE COLDEST WINTER EVER joint on the side. It is difficult to find “the right team,” to make a film. A lot of ppl, celebs, and companies come talon s*** n not business!

@MissBundy2U: Is there ever going to be a movie to these books?

@SouljahBooks: I expect to do films about ALL of my novels. I’m n serious talks now on THE COLDEST WINTER EVER film version. So far I am comfortable…

@LifeAsLaDonna: Was there a reason you wrote midnight story before Porsche?

@SouljahBooks: Yes I published MIDNIGHT’s 2 novels b4 PORSCHE on purpose. MIDNIGHT was right on time. We were/are having a serious crisis n manhood. MIDNIGHT gave a glimpse of manhood, faith, culture n love that many of US African Americans were unfamiliar with, couldn’t remember nvr seen.

@LipVirgin: How do you feel when ppl say your books aren’t realistic.. And wouldn’t really happen in real life like midnight and his wives?

@SouljahBooks: Any reader who says my books r not realistic tells on him/herself. It means they haven’t traveled off their block n seen the diverse world.

To read her more in depth questions, follow @SouljahBooks on Twitter. She’s an avid tweeter and always interacts with her fans.


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