Law and Order SVU Chrianna Episode

Last night the Law and Order:SVU episode that we’ve been hearing so much about, finally aired.  The episode titled “Funny Valentine” was about a hip hop artist who beat up his superstar girlfriend… Sound familiar? Now we all know at the beginning of every episode of the show there is a disclaimer that says the stories are just fiction… blah, blah, blah!

Law and Order has been known for ripping headlining stories from the news and portraying them on the show.  They recently portrayed a story similar to the Jerry Sandusky case with the football players, so we had to know the story of Chris Brown and Rihanna’s turbulent relationship would make the cut.

The characters on last night’s episode were Micha Green and Caleb Bryant.  The two were young celebrities madly in love until Micha confronted Chris  Caleb about talking to another girl and then it went down.  In the next scene, Micha’s face is all bruised up and officers are taking pictures which end up being leaked to the press.  We all know what happens next from the court date, restraining orders (that were ignored), to his plea for forgiveness on television.  They covered it all!

In the end, (and here’s the spoiler) Micha takes Caleb back and then Caleb kills Micha.  I know I wasn’t the only one left with my mouth hanging open at the end of the show.  I couldn’t believe it! Law and Order producers were really brave for this one. The sad part about it is, domestic violence cases sometimes end this way.

The show is known for sending the message to assault victims to speak up against your accuser and to not go back to them because if they did it once, they’ll do it again.  They were clearly trying to get this message across to a certain someone.  The only question is, was she watching?

Just in case you missed it, click the link below to watch the full episode:

Law and Order: SVU “Funny Valentine”

Aside from the bad acting, what did you think about last night’s Law and Order: SVU episode?

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