Monif C.

“Who says plus size can’t be sexy, luxurious, and feminine?” says designer Monif C.  Thanks to celebs like Queen Latifah, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian being curvy is definitely IN. But the question I frequently hear is, what can you wear to accentuate your curves and still be fashionable??

The secret is to enhance your best assets  while camouflaging your trouble areas. Just throwing on an old t-shirt isn’t the way to go anymore. It’s all about taking the time to try things on and knowing you can still look amazing while dressing comfortably.

A lot of stores don’t sell plus size clothes and if they do, unfortunately there not always the most fashionable.

Designer Monif C. understood the need for a new perspective in the plus size market. Her clothes are not only stylish but very sexy and alluring.  Check out some of my faves from her website below:


Monif C. 2

Monif C. 3

Monif C. 4

Monif C. 5

Monif C. 6

Monif C. 7

Monif C. 8

Monif C. 9

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