Josh Duhamel and Fergie, Clive Davies and Whitney Houston

Ever since Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie was spotted running around in baggy clothes, rumors had been swirling that she may be pregnant.  Well, Fergie has confirmed the rumors and announced yesterday via Twitter that her and her husband, actor Josh Duhamel, were expecting.  Fergie, 37, and Josh Duhamel, 40, were married back in 2009 and this will be their first child together.

She tweeted: “Josh & Me & BABY makes three!!! #mylovelybabybump.”  She also posted a photo of her and Josh Duhamel when they were toddlers.  See below:


Fergie Tweet


In other news, music executive (and mentor to Whitney Houston) Clive Davis, 80, has released a new memoir titled “The Soundtrack of My Life.”  In the memoir he lets out a huge secret and admits to being bisexual.

Clive Davis reveals that he spent the last 20 years in relationships with two men; a doctor for 13 years and another unknown partner for the last seven years.  His current partner attends events and travels with him but Davis won’t reveal his identity in an attempt to protect his privacy.

In an interview with ABC’s Nightline, he said the following:  “For over 50 years I never had sex with a male. I wasn’t repressed. I had very good sexual relationships with women.”

When asked if he was ashamed after sleeping with a man for the first time, he responded: “I never felt shame, I felt puzzled. The subject of bisexuality really needs much more discussion. It’s a status that does exist.”

Clive Davis will appear on the talk show Katie this afternoon.  It isn’t known yet if this is something they will discuss during the show.  However, R&B singer Usher makes an appearance as a surprise to Davis.  Katie airs on ABC at 3pm.

Clive Davis The Soundtrack of My Life

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