Terrence J & Kevin Hart

Celebrities have made their way to Houston, TX this weekend for the 2013 NBA All-Star Game.  The festivities kicked off last night with the Sprint Celebrity All-Star Game.  Entertainers Kevin Hart, Ne-Yo, Common, Trey Songz, Nick Cannon, Terrence J and Rocsi Diaz all participated in the celebrity game.

Oklahoma City Thunder players served as coaches for the game.  Russell Westbrook coached the East Team and James Harden coached the West Team.  Queen Latifah also assisted with coaching for the East Team.

The West beat out the East by 2o points and the final score was 58-38.  Surprisingly, Kevin Hart took home the MVP Award and only scored five points and had three rebounds.  He also won the MVP Award at last year’s game.

Most of the highlights from the game came from Kevin Hart.  From him beating up the Bulls mascot to him beating Usain Bolt in a layup race, by cheating.  He reportedly left his basketball shoes at home and had to wear a pair from Chris Paul.  When interviewed, Chris Paul said he gave Kevin a pair of his son’s shoes.


See more photos from the game below:

Rocsi DiazRocsi Diaz

Russell Westbrook & Shannon BrownRussell Westbrook & Shannon Brown

Monica & Queen LatifahMonica & Queen Latifah

Kevin Hart & Terrence JKevin Hart & Terrence J.


Nick CannonNick Cannon w/ some crazy gym shoes.

Kevin Hart & Nick CannonKevin Hart & Nick Cannon

Kevin Hart & CommonKevin Hart & Common

Trey SongzQueen Latifah & Trey Songz

Kevin Hart & Trey SongzKevin Hart & Trey Songz goofing off.

Russell Westbrook, Kevin Hart, Nick CannonRussell Westbrook, Kevin Hart & Nick Cannon.

Terrence J, James Harden, Kevin HartTerrence J, James Harden & Kevin Hart

Common & Terrence JCommon & Terrence J.

Terrence J & Kevin HartKevin Hart & Terrence J.

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