Black Movies

Universal Pictures recently announced that The Best Man 2 would be hitting theaters November 15, 2013. I was too excited!! And the ENTIRE original cast will be returning. It’s been almost 15 years since the original film.

The new movie will center around the group of friends reuniting around the Christmas holiday. We are sure to see old rivalries resurface and of course new romances.

What happened to the black movies that we loved in the 90’s?? The Wood, Love And Basketball, The Brothers,… What happened to the Love Jones, Jason’s Lyric’s, Menace To Society’s, and the Crooklyn’s?

What happened to the black movie genre? I miss those days! African American’s are still getting roles in movies but other than a Tyler Perry movie, we haven’t really seen anything with an all black cast.

Is there still a market for these types of movies? I think so! The way fans swarm theaters to see a new Tyler Perry release or anything staring a top black actor, I know there is money to be made in the black film business. Lately, I’ve been forced to scour Netflix and my OnDemand for movies when I need to get a fix. And I have a friend who always gives me the scoop on the straight-to-DVD movies.

I need our black movie makers to come back! Malcolm Lee (The Best Man), Spike Lee (Do The Right Thing, School Dayz), John Singleton (Boyz in the Hood) where are you??? Your community needs you! I know a lot of it is because studios won’t green light black films. Thankfully people like Tyler Perry have overcome that and built their own studios. Maybe we will have other black filmmakers follow his blueprint.

I miss seeing my people on the silver screen. Will the next black film maker please stand up!?

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