Fast & Furious 6

I was so excited to see the trailer for “Fast & Furious 6” during the Super Bowl.  I’m a HUGE Vin Diesel fan and don’t mind watching him and Tyrese Gibson on a big screen for a few hours.  I’ve seen all the Fast & Furious movies (except Tokyo Drift, which to me doesn’t count) and “Fast Five” is my favorite… so far.

In the one minute trailer for “Fast & Furious 6,” it looks like all the crew from “Fast Five” is back together again and have a chance at freedom by assisting The Rock (aka Dwayne Johnson) in finding criminals with similar talents.  It also looks like the character Letty, played by Michelle Rodriguez, is coming back.  If you remember, at the very end of “Fast Five” we found out she wasn’t dead.  If you’ve never seen any of the movies, I’m sorry I just spoiled it for you.  “Fast & Furious 6” will be in theaters Memorial Day Weekend.  I wonder if this will be the last one?

Just in case you missed it, see the trailer below:

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