Steubenville Rape Case

Two Ohio high school football players have been charged with rape. The boys are accused of attacking a teenage girl twice in the summer of 2012. They are set to go to trial soon and social media will play a huge role in the case.

On August 14, 2012, the mother of the underage girl reported the alleged assault to the Steubenville, OH police department. She provided police with a zip drive that contained a twitter page that reportedly showed a picture of the incident.

Within a couple of weeks, social media was ablaze with pictures and accounts of what happened to the young girl in August. One photo shows the girl laying limp as one boy holds her feet and another holds her legs. Text messages were also posted to Twitter where the girl was called sloppy. Other messages used the word rape and another implied that she may have been urinated on. There is even a 12 minute video on which a teen repeatedly jokes about the girl’s condition, saying she must have died because she hadn’t moved. Multiple voices can be heard off camera laughing and joking.

The two boys are set to go trial the second week of February.  This case has received a lot of attention and has made its way to national news networks.  The town of Steubenville, OH is divided as a result of the accusations.  Steubenville is a town that is all about football, so early on the teenage girl was receiving hate e-mails and being blamed for what happened.  Since then, other protestors and activists against rape have flocked to Steubenville in support of the teenage girl.

One thing I haven’t mentioned is that one of the accused is white and the other is black. Not that it matters. If the boys are guilty they should be punished accordingly. And race has not been made a big deal in the case yet. I’m just interested in seeing how things will turn out.


Photo Credit: ABC News

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