Matte Nails2

Matte nail polish has become increasingly popular. Matte nail polish was invented in 1992, but it is just now becoming mainstream. Bright, glossy nails are being replaced by matte shades of grey, black, blue and purple without the need of lustre and shine. You should also keep in mind, matte polishes perform best on shorter nails. It is not necessary to buy a lot of nail polishes with this particular magnificent matte effect.  Soon manufacturers may offer a top coat that may transform any glossy nail varnish into a matte one.

Matte nail enamel shades are daring, yet trendy and stylish. They come in a range of colors, even bright ones. OPI, Sephora and NYX have the best selection. Below are some ways to fire up a basic coat of black matte:

Matte Nails1

Matte Nails3

Matte Nails4

Matte Nails5



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