The House Girl

“The House Girl” is a historical novel that spans from Virginia in 1852 to present day New York. Tara Conklin pens the story of Lina and Josephine. Lina is our present day attorney who is assigned to one of the biggest court cases in history, a class action lawsuit looking for reparations for the descendants of African American slaves. During her research, she comes across the story of Josephine. Josephine is a house slave that may be responsible for famous art that is credited to her master.

The book’s chapters go back and forth between present day and 1852, telling the story of both women. We learn of Josephine’s struggle for freedom and Lina’s struggle to find a descendant to be the face of the reparations case.

The book is scheduled for release February 12, 2013. I’ll be adding it to my reading list this year. Will you?


Photo credit: AMAZON

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