Deception Cast

It’s really nice to see more African Americans appearing in major roles on prime time television.  Meagan Good stars in the lead role on the new NBC drama, Deception.  She plays Detective Joanna Locasto.  The drama also stars Laz Alonso, Victor Garber (Alias), and Tate Donovan (Damages).  The show revolves around the Bowers family (one of the wealthiest families in the U.S.).  Daughter, Vivian Bowers, is found dead of what appears to be a drug overdose.  Laz Alonso, who plays the role of FBI Agent Will Moreno, recruits Joanna to help him investigate the Bowers family, because he believes Vivian Bowers was murdered.  We also find out that Vivian Bowers and Joanna were best friends when they were younger, so she feels an obligation to uncover what really happened to her.

I can only hope that this show gets the ratings it needs to remain on the air.  In television, many pilots are aired but few get renewed for a second season.  The last show NBC premiered with African Americans in the leading role was “Undercovers” starring Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw,  The show premiered in September 2010 and was cancelled by that November.  All 13 episodes of the show didn’t even air.  However, with the recent success of Kerry Washington in Scandal, it appears that there’s an audience for these shows.

I watched the pilot for “Deception” the other night and I must say it started slow, but it didn’t disappoint.  After learning the background of all the characters, it got interesting and eventually addictive.  It’s one of those shows where a new secret will probably be revealed every week so you have to keep watching.  “Deception” premieres this Monday, January 7th at 10pm on NBC.  However, you can view the first episode now at  Will you be watching on Monday night?


  1. I watched the first episode. And I have my DVR set to record the series. But I’m ot sure how I feel about it yet. I was pretty underwhelmed. Mostly by the acting jobs of the main characters. It just wasn’t believable. I’m not sure if Megan Good can carry a primetime crime drama. Hopefully things get better.

    • I watched the first episode last night as well. I agree with you Shida. I plan to stay tuned for at least a few more episdoes to get a well rounded opinion but I cant say I was too impressed by what I have seen so far. Unfortunately – do to the high success and viewing rate of Scandal – there will likely be high expectations for this show “Deception” and I am a little worried that Megan or this plot may not live up to them. As Shida said, I am hoping things get better as well! I do enjoy watching Megan as an actress so I am certainly willing to give it another try, or two, or three! 🙂

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