KimyeIt has been confirmed by E! Online and other news sources (even members of the Kardashian family) that Kim Kardashian is indeed pregnant by boyfriend Kanye West.  Kanye made the announcement late Sunday night while performing a concert at Revel in Atlantic City.  Fans in the audience immediately took to Twitter.  Kanye told the crowd “stop the music and make some noise for my baby mama.”  That sent Twitter into overload.  According to TMZ, Kim didn’t know Kanye was going to make the announcement that night.  She was surprised, but happy.  Immediately following his announcement, members of the Kardashian family began to tweet the news.  See below:

Kardashian Tweets

I was actually awake when this news broke and as soon as I heard, a few things came to mind:

1.  I remembered an episode of KUWTK (Keeping Up With the Kardashians) when Kim was expressing to Kourtney her beliefs on being married before having children.  She didn’t agree with Kourtney wanting to have another baby with Scott because they weren’t married.  I wonder what she has to say now…  I’m positive that the Kim and Kanye will get married before the baby comes but that won’t change the fact that the baby was conceived out of wedlock.

2.  Poor Khloe & Lamar.  We all know about Khloe & Lamar’s struggle to have children.  They have been trying to get pregnant since they were married in 2009.  On recent episodes of KUWTK, it was revealed that Khloe was having trouble getting pregnant because she suffers from a condition that prevents her from ovulating.  On an episode of Khloe & Lamar, Lamar was a little disappointed to find out that Kourtney and boyfriend Scott were going to have baby #2 in the mist of all their failed attempts.  I know she’s happy for her sister, but that has to be hard.

3.  She’s still legally married to Kris Humphries.  Not good!!

4.  My last thought was about Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose.  Amber Rose is Kanye’s ex-girlfriend.  She is currently pregnant with her first child with new boyfriend Wiz Khalifa and is due any day now.  They totally just stole her spotlight.  I know it wasn’t intentional, but the timing is very coincidental.

This will be the first child for both Kim and Kanye, who began dating in the spring of 2012.  It has also been confirmed that Kim is 12 weeks pregnant.  I wish them the best.  The world needs to prepare for Kimye overload over the next couple of days, maybe even weeks.  Let the baby bump watch begin… People have already started the jokes.  See below for some funny tweets from Twitter:

Kimye Tweet1

Kimye Tweet5

Kimye Tweet2

Kimye Tweet3

Kimye Tweet4


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  2. I’m happy for them! I also think they will get married prior to the baby being born but I feel like it may just be for the public eye.. I don’t know that they will actually STAY married. They have Jay and Bey’s (image) to follow though so we shall see 😁😁

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