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I recently had a chance to scratch something (actually a few things) off my bucket list. I took a magnificent vacation on the Carnival Freedom cruise ship where I was able to visit the Cayman Islands and Jamaica. It was also my first time out of the country. I have been to Canada but I’m from Detroit, so it really doesn’t count.

My fellow cruise mates knew I was too excited about visiting Jamaica, and it did not disappoint. Jamaica changed my life! Never have I been somewhere and felt so good and proud to be a black woman. To be on an island where everyone one had hair like mine, dark skin like mine… Blew my mind! The level of respect and love I received in Ocho Rios literally brought me to tears. As we traveled around the island, I felt a sense of home. My friends joked that I had finally made it to my home land. That is exactly how I felt. I’ve never researched my genealogy but somewhere down the line I must have some Jamaican roots. LOL.

I’ve never felt that in America. I love my home, but the black woman isn’t appreciated with as high of a regard as she is treated in other parts of the world. After sharing my experience, many people told me that they felt the same way. A church friend, that had recently traveled to Paris, said she was repeatedly told how pretty she was and how beautiful her hair was. One of my Twitter followers told me she never thought her plus size figure was as beautiful as it was until she visited Jamaica.

Now I’m not knocking the United States at all. I love my country and I’m ride or die for it too. However, black women are very low on the totem pole of respect in America. It’s been proven that we make less money and get treated worse in society. Researchers have scrutinized us because of our marriage and relationship statistics. We have been written off as unlovable, undesirable and destined to be alone forever. It was just refreshing to get a view of how we are treated in other parts of the world.

Jamaica really did something to me. If I miss work for a few days and no one has heard from me, you know where to find me!! Aye Mon!



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  2. Do some more travelling…you’ll realize that BWs cane be appreciated very very well outside the USA

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