In the past week, due to the events in Connecticut, parents are holding their children a little tighter and taking the time to verbalize their emotions by telling them they love them and how much they mean to them. However, once you’re child is at school, gone for the day and out of your sight, you don’t know how that day is going to go. It’s simply out of your control. With parents being on edge (including me) the last thing I needed was a phone call from my daughter’s school with the first words being “There’s been an incident with your daughter…” My heart immediately sank, stomach flipped and I had absolutely no idea what to expect. The principle continues and says “she’s in the office and it involves another student; a boy.” At this point I’m thinking….”Damn it…spit it out!”  Then he says, “your daughter punched a boy in his private area and he hit the floor.”  Whew! What a relief! I mean…poor kid, but they are both in one piece. Turns out he hit her in her boobies first…so, what could I say? I think all the ladies remember what it feels like when your boobs are developing.  She had to defend herself right? Had it been any other part of her body, I would have reprimanded her and told her to report it to her teachers rather than retaliate.  All I could say in this instance was “don’t get caught next time.”

What would you have done?



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