The wait is finally over!! At midnight Tamar Braxton released her anticipated first single “Love and War.” If you’ve been keeping up with Tamar and watching her reality show, Tamar & Vince, you probably have been on the edge of your seats like me waiting for its release. On the show, we’ve followed her recording her 2nd solo album and trying to get a single good enough to be released. Well she’s finally done it. Tamar shows out on this love ballad about the ups and downs of a relationship and gives us a little taste of what to expect from her on her upcoming album. You can catch her performing the song on the season finale of Tamar & Vince tonight on WE at 9pm. The new single is already #2 on iTunes and #1 on iTunes R&B charts. I’ve been playing this song since I downloaded it early this morning. If you’ve haven’t heard it yet (shame on you), listen below:

Tamar received a lot of celebrity support for her new single via Twitter. Lady Gaga and Ne-Yo were some of the artists who tweeted praise for Tamar and her new track. Gaga tweeting to her 32 million followers probably helped sales just a little. See below:

Tamar TweetGaga Tweets

Neyo Tweet

Congratulations Tamar!!!!


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